To celebrate positive individuals, businesses, schools, communities and events, , in an effort to change the increasing human perspective that negativity is normal, and that by this mindset shift, opportunities for peace through gifts of time, talent and treasure will flourish.


Company Overview

Celebrate Positive, LLC is a integrated marketing and communications organization focused on the development of movements, events, programs, and licensed merchandise/apparel brands with a consistent theme of positivity. Corporations and organizations are already utilizing Celebrate Positive’s Positive Workplace program which is an internal celebration of employees within their organization. The Positive Athlete brand launched in Pittsburgh in 2010 and now has over 120 Western Pennsylvania high schools involved with the program. Due to this inaugural market’s success, the Positive Athlete program will be replicated in multiple markets in the United States, with a goal of growing internationally, and a licensed merchandise program is under development. The Positive American brand, which is a movement to celebrate positive patriotism in this country, will also feature events, programs, and licensed merchandise/apparel brands.