For more than 125 years, Duquesne Light has been investing in the success of southwestern Pennsylvania, and providing a positive Duq Light Alternateenvironment for our over 1,400 employees. Each day, many of you make positive contributions in the lives of fellow employees, as well as your communities. In connection with Duquesne Light’s sponsorship of Hines Ward’s Positive Athlete Pittsburgh program, we would like to invite our employees to nominate other Duquesne Light employees for our “Positive Employee of the Year”. The winner will meet Hines and help represent Duquesne Light give the Duquesne Light “Positive Energy Award” to a high school athlete next May. In the box below, you can nominate an employee for this honor and tell a little bit about how this employee has positively impacted the company, their community, and/or you personally. Also, feel free to make additional positive comments on other employee’s nominees.


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