Positive Athlete is a group of high character and iconic professional athletes teamed up to promote the benefits of “positivity” to young athletes, and to create a cultural shift in our high schools.  It’s an opportunity to shape the futures of young athletes for life skills beyond athletic competition with websites and social media that tell unique stories about professional and amateur athletes who approach sports and life with a positive attitude.

The “Seven Definitions of a Positive Athlete” are:

  • Optimistic Attitude
  • Encouraging Teammate
  • Servant Leader
  • Heart for Others
  • Admits Imperfections
  • Always Gives 100%
  • Team More Important than Individual

Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) and Georgia are our inaugural markets, with our signature events being the Positive High School Athlete Awards which celebrate the 20-25 most positive high school athletes in the market. Individual county and high school programs are also being created.  Additional markets will be developed in all 50 states with exposure to millions of  high school students and parents in the United States. A national Positive High School Athlete Awards is also in development. Click on the Positive Athlete Pittsburgh and Positive Athlete Georgia logos below for links to their individual market websites.


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Positive Athlete is also a merchandise and apparel brand that helps generate exposure and revenue for our partners and participating Positive Athletes, including their favorite charities and foundations.


Contact Scott Pederson for more information about getting involved with Positive Athlete: scott_pederson@celebratepositive.com (404) 277-3241Print